World History

ternal Forest History

Below is a guide to the History of the world. (Lore Under Construction)

BGSBefore Great Storm
AGSAfter Great Storm

Age of Dragons (~4,500 to 1,500 BGS most histories are lost, artifacts dated as early as 4,500 years old)

In the time before most of the known sentient races, the dragons were entrusted with the keeping of the stability of the newly formed world. The drag on This age of prosperity is known to the dragons as the Golden Age but not most is known of those times today. As the gods formed their lesser races and grew in their own influence, the dragons still watched over them directly, teaching them the draconic ways of arcane magic and culture.

However, this age could not last; the Chromatic Dragons were led to the ways of slavery and conquest saying that the lesser races were too ‘reckless’ to be trusted with magic on their own. And though the Metallic dragons were righteous and good in their ways, they too became too proud and separated; this led to the Dragon Fire, a cold war between the Chromatic and Metallic dragons that waged for approximately one thousand years.

The lesser races, which once thrived together under the dragon’s reign, were almost wiped out in the conflicts of The Dragon Fire, being used the bulk of warring factions’ armies. With the pleading of the other gods Io was demanded to step in, seeing that the world would surely be torn asunder by the might of the dragon’s power.

In this climactic moment, Io manifested on the Material Plane, in Varbas Dessert to the East and spilt himself into two entities; Bahamot to represent the Metallic and Tiamat for the Chromatic flights. This moment called the Great Storm. Many dragons and lesser races lost their lives in the event, and most dragons went into hiding, Regardless of who was really to blame, most dragons kept to themselves and let the humanoid races work out their own problems, now polarized due to their deities views still hold a deep loathing for the opposing side.

Age of the Elementals: 0 AGS – 800 AGS

Hundreds of years after the conflicts of the dragon wars the Great Storm, the lesser entities flourished and prospered around the world for hundreds of years. In this time the Druid Circle of Gozreh was formed in the Great forest, Druidism reigned as the widest used magic. The First Centaur and elf were taught druid magic with the permission of Gozreh to spread his knowledge by the great Treant Barük around the year 150 AGS. The elf was named Malfurion and the centaur, Priestess Sheetra Greyhoof. Humans independently seek out lost arcane magic and build kingdoms far to the Eternal Forest feeling disconnected with the forest. The arcane arts slowly grow interest back into the Elven way of life, but are slightly looked down upon by other divine casters. Many of the original arcane tomes were lost in the Dragon Fire and Elves of the time who did not want to abide by the strict rules of the eclectic sought them out and established the city of Bronzewood, that served as the common capitol for arcane and divine practitioners alike.

Elves and centaur flourished in particular as well as the natural beings of the forest itself, like the savage Nacatil Catfolk and various Tengu Tribes. They dwell deep into the wilds, remaining detached from the other races. Humans grew in the lands north of the Eternal Forest, the history of the elves and humans living in harmony lost to them for generations, the elves and wild things of the forest now fading from fact to legend. As the humans made their way further and further north they came upon the great Dragonperch Mountains and the rich deposits of ore and mineral that exist there. Here they build up their great fortresses and engineer great works of technological advances. They have an alliance with the Ironbeard dwarves who also call these mountains home.

In the Great Plains to the East, (Near the place were Io appeared in ancient times) Primary grazing lands of the Centaur tribes appeared a giant insect of great intellect with an entourage of giant ant-like beings through a tear in space-time In the year 175 AGS. She said that her people narrowly escaped extermination on their home plane of Mechanus, by savage toad like beings known as the Sküm, on a leap of faith she cast herself and the last of her consort in the Nether, not knowing where they would go, but making it impossible for the Sküm to track them. After a few bad attempts to settle on planes that were not hospitable to the Formians they eventually ended up in on the Material realm in an Area know as the Vabras Dessert, for to the east of the Eternal Forest. With the aid of the other races and an organization formed by the Circle known as the Fists of the forest, a druid restoration team was sent to investigate. Led by Malfurion, The Formians were aided back to normal population. As time went on however, the insect race saw the animals and beasts of the world to be unproductive and used a twisted form of druid magic to enslave the natural beings of the forest even into their deaths. As the events progressed, it was actually the work of a cabal of Formian and Elven magi who had dominated the mind of the current Formian queen.

Using the twisted residual magic of the Great Storm and tomes stolen from dragons in the dessert lands, they summoned the Elemental Genie Lords, who appeared and easily enslaved the sorcerers, in the year 215 AGS. The elemental lords confused and intrigued by their appearances, almost destroyed each other outright, however, The Efreet Lord suggested that if they unite then they could shape the world back to its primordial elemental state they could all agree to see. This started the Elemental Age that waged lasted 300 years, and held a grip on much of the life of the forest during this time.

The elementals pushed into the forest burning and drowning everything in their path with their own army of elemental golems and followers tempted by their power. Gozreh realizing that his sacred domain was in peril constructed an Avatar, Known as The Prophet. When the Prophet emerged from the ocean bordering the western part of the Great Forest, he served as the ultimate weapon against the elementals, helping the Circle push back the Lords to Their keep near the portal from which they came. Many of the forces were slain and at a pivotal point in the battle, the Prophet sacrificed himself, and trapped the essences of the lords into Orbs of Power that were scattered throughout the land. He was aided by the heroes Malfurion, Sheetra, Barük, and the Black Dragon Lesstrezix. Sheetra died in the battle allowing the prophet to cast his sealing spell on the lords. Lesstrezix battered the totems fueling the portal to the elemental realm while, Barük and Malfurion fought the remaining elemental lords, fused into the same being, resembling a great centaur but whose upper body looked that of an elf with mighty deer antlers, and a body composed of magical wood, whose grains glowed and shifted colors. After the battle the heroes were blessed by Gozreh herself and were each given an Orb.

Lesstrezix used her power in experiments of combining the essence of a human and snake, creating the first of the Yuan Ti abominations. However, to tamper with life in Dre’nah was forbidden. Lesstrezix marveling at her creation, ignored the Laws of Stone and from Gozreh and the Yuan-ti worshipped her like a god. When she started showing signs of divine power, Gozreh appeared as an avatar and banished Lesstrezix to the swampland to the south, stripping her of her blessings and destroying her offspring with the Fists of the Forest. Most of the forces consisted of Formian warriors; the Queen feeling obligated to regain her people’s reputation for prior events. They were led by Malfurion and together they crushed their reptilian enemies. Ever since then, Lesstrezix has been brooding in the swamp, regaining her power and influence, though she is not as powerful without her blessing of old, she is a black dragon of great stature and tenacity and only wishes to see the whole forest decay and wither in her claws.

Present Day: (1565 AGE)
It has been about 700 years since those times and certain factions have found the orbs of power, using their energies to prosper and further their goals. The Circle stands strong with the withered Barük still leading. The Circle is Composed of Dryads, Centaur, Elves, Ents, Satyr and the new member, a Formian from the Great colonies to the east. The Formian colonies accuse the Centaur Herd of stealing their relic which the Centaur deny.

Stirrings on an ancient evil present themselves in the south, as Lesstrezix slowly regains her forces. Not to mention Malfurion has disappeared on a diplomatic mission with the Nacatil savages, superstitious of all forms of magic, who now dwell in the cliffs and forests to the northeast, against the sea. The Circle Remains neutral on all matters until a sign of Gozreh’s consent appears. However their communication becomes cloudy and is eventually cut off, with a final horrific vision to Barük on what might become of the forest. He speaks of a group of heroes showing themselves then seeking the aid of the dragons, and seeing that the orbs of power are once again in the right hands.

The group must contact the fists of the forest, whose numbers are spread thin, as they may still be able to provide assistance. The Elves also hold their capital in forest in the northern parts of the forest, a kingdom known as Bronzewood. More recently human expeditions and travelers make their way into the forest seeing the prospects in these “untouched lands”, led by the cocky yet ingenious Zacharias Mallory, a regular celebrity in the northern lands, accredited for developing the first set of black powder projectile weapons called ‘guns’. When the party unties they will be involved in whatever local conflict and gain renown to where the circle gains knowledge of them, when the main story line becomes established.

World History

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