Eternal Forest Races

A comprehensive list of the races actively taking part in world affairs.

Centaur: Nomadic peoples who graze as far as the Great Plains from the east to the eastern border of the forest itself. Depending on the tribe they may be a group of peaceful healers to proud warrior groups. They are experiencing a paradigm shift within their social groups; some centaur have recently decided to settle in areas and cultivate, going against the grain of hunting and gathering nomadically. However, this change is overshadowed by a recent theft blamed on the Formian. Several months ago, an ancient relic was stolen from one of the oldest and wisest shamans of the centaur. When the theft was investigated, evidence of Formian methodology was present, who their queen absolutely denies direct involvement.

Elves: The elves of Bronzewood serve as the forefront of benevolent intelligence in the Great forest. Having stood against some of the darkest times of the forest, and have been pivotal in its history. Having the largest standing of agents in the fists of the forest, all elves seek for the perseverance of the forest. Their leader, druid-king Malfurion, has recently gone missing in diplomatic missions with the Nacatil and Flind-Gnolls. They are run by their own Monarchy, now being run by Reagent Malthus, a radically progressive sorcerer in leave of Malfurion, with the Circle operating as a type of remote parliament. The elves are most concerned with the recent silence of Gozreh, and their first contact with human-kind, but will offer aid to groups who earnestly need their help.

Wild Elves: Red haired cousins to elves of Bronzewood, the wild elves care much less about elegance and diplomacy. Strength and fortitude have kept the wild elves alive and they don’t see why they would need anything else to survive. They are very skittish to outsiders and avoid other races even other elves, when possible. There are not many wild elf mages besides a few sparse sorcerers and witch doctors. They pay homage to the spirit of a great phoenix who they say first taught the elves how to live as part of the forest. Wild Elves are extraordinary good with animals and commonly domesticate some fauna of the area. They claim their fairer cousins “lost their fire” and that is why most elves have light hair.

Formian: An immigrant race from the plane of Mechanus, these ant like creatures have thrived in the Eternal Forest. The Formians have diligently earned their place in the great forest, having been the scapegoat of several diabolical plots, and their reputation has built back up over the centuries. Originally, their diligent-worker ethics spilled over into a goal of making the forest as productive as possible. This included the enslavement of the natural creatures of the forest including the savage Nacatil, who served as their weapons of order for years. This of course was overthrown by the Fists of the Forest, but in a last ditch effort, the mages responsible for the plot, summoned the Elemental Lords thus ushering the Elemental Age.

Humans: A dynamic and adaptive race, humankind’s powers have finally pinnacled, however in this campaign, the group the party will be dealing with are from the kingdom to the north. With their recent industrialization, the human kingdoms have commissioned several expeditions into the forest to search for resources. The existence of elves only on par with bedtime stories and crazed sightings, they are unaware of most races that dwell in the vast forest on their borders. The most they knew of beforehand were of the Gnolls who will occasionally raid their smaller settlements. These expeditions have not been successful; ill equipped for the dangerous expanse of the forest and will kindly offer goods and services to those who can ease their ventures and be lucky enough to find their camps.

Dwarves: Numbering very few in the forest the only dwarves the party may find are exiles from the Dwarven kingdoms far to the north. Traditionally having a very strict caste system, dwarves do not see many matters of the surface world to be much of their concern. So when dwarves turn to the life of druidic practices or that of an ascetic, they are forced to leave their homes and venture into the lands above. Not much is otherwise known of their customs in the forest.

Nacatil: Savage People of the forest who resemble leopards, these people have been the subject of magical exploitation and slavery over the darker periods of the forest’s history. This has led to a deep superstition of magic and anyone within the culture caught practicing is severely punished. They have been in conflict with their neighboring Flind-gnolls for decades, equally uncivilized yet five times as vicious. The have been trading with the ambitious humans, however, who aim to use their tribe lands in the cliffs to the northwest. The Nacatil sit over a very hefty claim of minerals containing nitrate, a mineral rich in the compound potassium nitrate, used in making gunpowder. Trading guns to the Nacatil has been their strategy, who value how efficiently they kill gnolls. The Humans would be very interested in claiming these lands as their own, and who knows how patient they’ll remain if they fail in relocating the Nacatil.

Scavengers whose tribes once stretched from the eastern coast to the Great Plains, they were slowly out-competed by surrounding races ingenuity and their own lack of diplomatic skills. Their numbers now concentrate near the western coast were they search the shoreline for any junk or animal that’s found its way to shore. Now driving the oppressed Nacatil to extinction, the tides turn on them when their enemy received guns as gifts from the foreign humans. However if they were to get their hands on this technology, it would mean more than just the Nacatil’s destruction.

Lesstrez & Yuan-Ti:
For countless years the Ancient black dragon has been brooding, gathering her forces in the swamps to the south. Lizardfolk worship her as a god due to her great influence over reptilian creatures. She also musters local goblin tribes to do her bidding. Each leader is forcibly converted to a type of serpent worship. In a dark ritual requiring great power, Lesstrez summons a huge fiendish Constrictor to consume one of the Lizardfolk she finds worthy. From the snake bursts forth a transformed Lizardfolk into a full-fledged Yuan-Ti abomination. However this spell weakens her and requires her to draw more power from her recently acquired demonic master.(Party does not know in-game until encounter with Malfurion, or until further investigation from the clues left by the Interloper.)


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