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Note: This campaign is run by dpresley2. The wiki and coding is done by player Tolsimir Wolfblood. His player character is Godric Northman.

It has been about 700 years since the Age of Elementals, and certain factions have found the orbs of power, using their energies to prosper and further their goals. The Circle stands strong with the withered Barük still leading. The Circle is Composed of Dryads, Centaur, Elves, Ents, Satyr and the new member, a Formian from the Great colonies to the east. The Formian colonies accuse the Centaur Herd of stealing their relic which the Centaur deny. Stirrings on an ancient evil present themselves in the south, as Lesstrez slowly regains her forces. To make matters worse, Malfurion has disappeared on a diplomatic mission with the Nacatil savages, superstitious of all forms of magic, who now dwell in the cliffs and forests to the northeast, against the sea. The Circle Remains neutral on all matters until a sign of Gozreh’s consent appears. However their communication becomes cloudy and is eventually cut off, with a final horrific vision to Barük on what might become of the forest. He speaks of a group of heroes showing themselves then seeking the aid of the dragons, and seeing that the orbs of power are once again in the right hands.

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